Needed One More Thing To Do

I was sitting here updating my classroom agendas for the upcoming school year and had a mild panic attack, as I’m sure many teachers do the week before school starts. Then I started wondering, “Are there any other jobs that elicit such feelings?” For me the panic comes from visualuizing being in the classroom teaching the lesson. I start thinking about what I’m presenting, how I’m going to present it, then how I’m going to assess it…it’s really a vicious circle. As I was thinking all of this I decided to give a blog a try regarding my job, or should I say jobs? Yes, I should, “Jobs”. In addition to my teaching and running a program at my school I’m taking on a night class at the junior college, so technically I have three jobs. I have always wanted to keep a journal for a year of teaching and I think this might be a good way to do that.

So, another thought I had was, “How rediculous is it that I’m having a panic attack over this? I mean, I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years!” I suppose it’s all just the anticipation of a new school year after having the summer off. I think school is one of the few jobs that has a definite beginning and end. It was once characterized to me by a mentor, Alan, as being an animal, or maybe he said monster or beast, don’t recall exactly. Anyway this creature springs to life in the fall and runs full steam ahead until it passes out in the spring. (Fairly certain I did not do Alan’s metaphor any justice here.) My point is that once school begins, it’s a powerul juggernaut that does not sleep until june, when it shuts down and takes a rest.

It’s about to awaken.


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