Is It My Jacket?

Last week I was about  halfway through my Sunday long run.  It was around 8:30 in the morning or so.  I had stopped at the corner of a relatively high traffic intersection because, well, the light was red.  I paused the RunKeeper app on my iPhone, pushed the button for the crosswalk signal and waited patiently panting.  As I waited I was thinking that I was glad that I decided to wear my windbreaker/rain jacket because though it was only misting most of the morning it was keeping me relatively dry.  As it was early on a Sunday morning, the traffic was not as bad as usual, just a few cars passing by or waiting for the light to change.

The light changed, the crosswalk signal displayed the little walking man and chirped, I restared my iPhone app as I stepped into the crosswalk.  About two steps into the crosswalk out of the corner of my eye I noticed a white van making a right turn into the intersection I was crossing; this van had been waiting at the same light I was waiting for AND was to my left as I waited.  “Surely the driver sees me, I’ll just kee………HOLY SHIT!  WHAT THE…. HEY!”

The van was thankfully turning very slowly.  The driver was looking over her left shoulder for oncoming traffic and turned her head to see me but did not stop.  She did take her foot off the gas though.  The van was so close I felt the heat off of the engine, which was nice since it was  a little chilly out.  I did an, what I’m sure was a hillarious to onlookers, exaggerated runing move, stepping high, swingin my arms to get out of the way and looked back to see the van casually completing its turn.  Did I mention my jacket was bright orange?  Oh and the event gave me the necessary adrenaline to finish the run with ease.

This morning I was running the same route only in the reverse direction.  I was also running in the bike lane, which is nice and wide, against traffic.  I made it through the same intersection without incident.  Once I was across the street however, a driver made a U-turn from the middle lane and nearly mowed me down.  At least this driver waved at me as she almost ran me over.  I was wearing an orange jacket again, not the same one, but orange nonetheless.  I either need a new jacket or another route.


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