Schools are Strange Places

So much happens at a school in one day.  I’m not sure that anyone who does not work at a school would really understand this.  The other day, for example, the day began with the Marine Corps Rock Band, setting up in our cafeteria for a show, and ended with three sports having games at the end of the day.  This may not sound like much until you think of the logistics involved with pulling all of this off.  In the case of the Marine band no one except for the Activities Director knew they were even coming the day before they were to arrive.  We found out when someone with the Marine band called during a department chair meeting after school to find out where and when to set up.  This call caused great confusion for one because the Activities Director hadn’t told anyone they were coming, and had left for the day.  Second there was  another high school band scheduled to come through in a few days and have breakfast at our school on the way to somewhere else; they were travelling far.  Anyway, we got that sorted out and the next morning the Marine Corps Rock Band set up to play in our cafeteria from 7:30 to 8:30, though I’m not sure how many people heard them because, well, first period starts at 8:00.  When I arrived at school that day the Marine Corps 18-wheeler was trying to navigate a space much to small for such a vehicle but I figured, “Meh, they’re the Marines, they’ll figure it out.”  Did I mention state mandated testing was also happening across the way from the rock band?

After school I went for a run and when I arrived back on campus there was a tennis match, soccer game and baseball game going on all at the same time.  Given the proximity of our courts and fields I’m certain a spectator of one of those sports was whacked with a ball of some sort.  Apparently I had arrived just after a police car sped across campus as well.  Anyway, it was one of those days where I marveled both at the complexity and absurdity of working at a school.


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