Learning Curve

The learning curve with Alzheimers is pretty steep and rapid.  Visited my folks yesterday and my dad says that mom is already beginning to foget things he told her a few minutes ago and that she’s starting to  lose interest in her own hygiene.  He has to remind her to bathe, brush her teeth, etc.  She has also tried to cook a few times while he was out running errands.  He has returned to find the oven on, or stuff boiling on the stove.  I am really worried for both of them.  My mom obviously because she has Alzeheimers, and my dad because he is her primary caregiver.  He’s going to need help sooner than he expected I think.


2 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. If caring for aging parents and one with Alzheimer’s is a marathon, I’m only a mile or so ahead of you in this race. It’s a tough one. My thoughts are with you.

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