The other day I walked into the Assistant Prnincipal’s office (AP) and the waiting area had been decorated for Easter.  Seeing as how it was the second week of March I turned to the receptionist, who has a good sense of humor, and said, “Really?  Easter?  It’s not even April yet.”

“Oh, but isn’t it pretty?”

There are a couple of pink fuzzy bunny heads on the wall, a little bucket with Easter eggs on sticks meant to look like a bouquet, and some other sappy Easter flair.  Since the AP I was there to see was not available I had a conversation with the receptionist about something that has always perplexed me.  I am sure I’m not the first one to wonder why a rabbit delivers eggs on Easter, so I asked the receptionist, “Why does a bunny deliver eggs on Easter?  I don’t get it.  Bunnies don’t lay eggs.”

“Oh, you’re right…well, how do bunnies have babies.”  Though I’m sure she was messing with me I gave her a short rabbit reproduction lesson, then suggested maybe it would make more sense to have a chicken with multicolored feathers.

“But chickens aren’t as cute as bunnies.” 

“Good point.  What if we combined a rabbit and a chicken?”  I queried.

“Well, what would it look like?  Would it be a rabbit with chicken legs?” She replied.

“Or maybe a chicken with long ears and a fluffy tail.” 

At that moment our conversation was interrupted for my meeting with the AP.  On the commute home my mind wandered, as it often does during the commute, and I thought ‘what would you call a bunny crossed with a chicken…a bicken, or a chunny?’  The next day I posed this question to my students and colleagues and the winner was chunny, obviously, because bicken just sounds weird. 

Later in the day I had a free moment and decided to Google ‘chunny’.  The first result listed is from Urban Dictionary and apparently ‘chunny’ actually has several meanings.  One of which is, “anything and everything having to do with partying super hard, and getting straight geeked up”, as in, “Damn homie im getting straight chunny tonight”.  Having seen that I naturally wondered what “geeked up” meant in that context because I couldn’t imagine geeks partying hard.  Apparently getting ‘geeked up’ means, “Being high on blow, ice or any other amphetamine”.  Hmmm, not at all what I expected, no mention of thick rimmed glasses and pocket protectors at all.

In light of this definition, perhaps it’s better to stick with the egg delivering bunny as getting chunny on Easter is probably not the best way to celebrate the day.


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