What are the odds?

I left work early today for an appointment with my optometrist who, while good, generally creeps me out.  ( I’ve mentioned this to several friends and it turns out that they feel their optometrists are also a little creepy; is it just us?)  I pulled of the free way and proceeded across town to my appointment.  Along the way the following licensce plate caught my eye “LMUGRL”.  I was a length or two behind this car for several blocks wondering, “Now, what does LMU stand for again?…Seems I knew that at one time or another…”  Eventually, LMUGRL turned left and I went forward, on to my appointment.

I had my appointment with my creepy optometrist, (“Now..which is better, one; or two?”


“…three…or four…”


then headed over to my folks, to help with a shower curtain that I had installed last Saturday.  I had installed a new rod for the curtain over the weekend and hung a curtain that used clips on it for them but my dad, being my dad, went and bought a new one that had grommets at the top instead. So I had to take the curtain rod down and feed it through the grommets of the new shower curtain.  With the curtain rod down, I opened the new shower curtain to discover that the grommets were actually designed with a break on one side so they could be slipped over a rod; clever.  Probably should’ve opened that first.  I re-hung the shower curtain rod with the new curtain, watered some plants, moved some heavy things for them, then left to go pick up a packaged at the UPS customer service center across town…completely on the other side of town from my creepy optometrist.

I turn on to one of the local thoroughfares in town and proceed toward my destination, UPS.  I adjust the volume on my stereo, I hit the signal switch to indicate I’m going to merge left, I check my mirrors, look over my shoulder, merge, and when I look forward again, who should be ahaed of me in the opposite lane? 

LMUGRL, what are the odds in a town of 200,000 people?


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