Mosaic Installation, Part 1

Though it was  an eternity arriving this year, Spring Break started for me last Friday and it gave me my first taste of summer.  That taste included deciding to start on a mosaic installation I have been thinking about since I moved in to this house a year ago.  There is a triangle of useless bark covered earth in my yard that I want to turn into useable space.  Sure, I could plant flowers or vegetables, but that would require maintenance that frankly I’m not interested in.  So I’d rather make myself more space to put a nice table and umbrellas.  As with most DIY projects, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I will proceed undaunted!  This weekend I removed the bark, and turned the soil in preparation to level the area for the mosaic.  The too much to chew part came when I discovered a fairly extensive root system that I had to dig out.  I also kept coming across various artifacts of construction/remodeling/garbage.  Mostly it was small square glass tiles, some ceremic tiles and bricks; exciting stuff.  I started to wonder why the previous owner would have tossed this stuff here, but also found it interesting that I was finding tiles in a spot I was planning a mosaic.  This being the first installment of this project here are some before, during, and after pictures of preparing the area. Pictures of the buried treasures I found are forthcoming.


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