Every year the senior class gets me a gift for putting up with them……….uh, I mean for mentoring them and helping them be succesful in high school.  One year they gave me a dog, a BIG dog, he was part Great Dane, and part Pit Bull.  He was one of the sweetest, dopey-est dogs I’ve ever known.  This year they gave me a new camera.  To show my gratitude I decided to take some pictures of stuff I have made or modified with my new camera to share with the kids.  As I was putting a presentation together I decided I’d like to share my work with a broader audience 🙂

I found these theater chairs in Bodega Bay at the old school-house there which was featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.  They are from an old theater in Sebastopol which is about half an hour from there.  I made the base and decoupaged some pictures from an old calendar.

This is table made from a reclaimed five panel door.

This is an end table with a Celtic knot tile mosaic.  I cut down the tiles from regular 4 inch tiles, it was pretty tedious, but turned out alright.

Bought this mirror at Target, it had hooks on it, I replaced them with antique doorknobs.

Metal flowers I designed and cut out with a plasma cutter after finishing a welding class.

A pebble mosaic paving slab I made for my folks.


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