Who’d-uh thunk it?

A few years ago when I became more serious aobut running I began keeping track of my mileage and times.  When I had logged approximately 700 miles my iPhone crashed and the data I had been keeping was lost to the ether.  I was getting excited to reach the 1,000  mile mark when that happened.   I had become, and still am, a little OCD about tracking my miles and was understandably pissed at losing that info.  About that same time my regular runs decreased for various reasons so my overall mileage declined.  I eventually restored the iPhone, got a new app, and began tracking miles again.  I am currently up to 223, though I’m sure I have a little more than that, nevertheless I’m close to the 1,000 mile mark!

While doing the dishes the other day I thought to myself, “Holy shit, that’s a lot of miles.”  I started to think back to middle school PE, probably because one of my routes goes by my old school, and wondered what my 13 year old self would have said if someone had said to him as he huffed and puffed, whined and walked around the track hating every minute of having to run the mile, “In about 30 years you’re going to like running and not only that, you will have run close to 1,000 miles.”

“Pflbt!  Yeah, right; whatever!  *pant-pant-wheeze*”


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