Project 2

Inspired by the completion of my patio I decided to tackle a “smaller” project in my front yard.  There is some space next to my driveway that the realator, contractor, or previous owner coverd with weed blocker fabric and bark.  This space runs all the way to the sidewalk.  When it rains the gutters in front of my house flood rising up into my driveway and into the bark, thus washing the bark away.  I decided to build a small retaining wall and replace the bark with river rock.  I had some river rock left by the previous owners in different spots around the yard so I took advantage of that; though I will need more (see previous post re: algebraically challenged).

As I discovered with the patio project the bark was hiding something.  While I didn’t find as many goodies under the bark in the front yard as I did in the back, I did find something challenging.  A stump. Cursing the person who camoflaged this jewel from me I began digging. Fortunately it was an older stump and was well on its way to breaking down.  I wound up digging a hole about three and a half feet in diameter and almost 3 feet deep removing the stump.  The material I took out ended up filling my yard waste can.  Oh, in addition to the stump I uncovered an ant colony which required a trip to Home Depot for some ant abatement products, after I relocated many of the ants to my yard waste can; I’m sure they’re happier at the dump.

Stump removed, ground leveled with the excess dirt from the patio projecct, I installed the retaining wall and added some fountain grass and some sort of Japanese flowering garlic.  I still need to procure some more river rock but I think all turned out well.


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