School Year 2011-2012 Entry 1

After a summer of not really making too many decisions about much other than what not to do and where not to do it, I jumped in to pre-school mode; as in ‘before’ school, not school for 4 year olds; though jumping in at this point reminds me that sometimes I do run into preschool behavior during the school year.  I have three classes to plan, one for high school juniors about writing research papers, a US history class also for juniors, and a World Geography class for freshmen.  Addtionally I am a program coordinator that requires me to mentor students through all four years of high school planning field trips, job shadowing, and several guest speakers for real world connections to the curriculum.  That’s Job 1.  Job 2 is teaching a Cultural Geography class at a local junior college.  This morning I have already dealt with some typical issues that characterize Job 1.  First my network password didn’t work after I had just used it two days ago.  Normally we get “your password will expire in ’10’ days” notices so that we may change it; this time I received no such reminder.  After following several new procedures I now have a functioning password. 🙂

Speaking of new procedures, there is a new tardy policy this year which I need to weave into my syllabus.  I also need to ensure I have all the required information on my syllabus from textbook management, course overview, grading policy, late work policy, contact information, etc.  Addtionally today I have fielded, and I hope solved, issues regarding studetns who have dropped my program, have scheduling conflicts with courses in the program, and/or went on independent study last year and want to return to the program.  Regarding the student that went on independent study and now would like to return to the program, I just realized he will not have done the summer reading.  Meh, he’s a good student, he’ll be able to catch up.  All of this has been a bit of a shock to the system; but the start of a new school year always is.

My intention for these posts is simply report on what a typical teacher does in an attempt to provide a bit of perspective as to what teaching is all about.  I hope to post on a regular basis and have some fun doing it.


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