School Year 2011-2012 Entry 2

I was out for my weekly long run and approaching the end near the elementary school.  I noticed a woman park her car by the school, get out and check to see how close she was to the curb.  I noticed because I was soon going to have to decide how to navigate around her, didn’t want to knock her down afterall.  I started paying attention to where she was headed.  I began to wonder why she had parked there, I mean it’s right next to the school; on a Sunday; around 8:00 a.m. “Maybe there’s a yard sale nearby”, I thought, “or she’s visiting a friend across the street…is there a party somewhere?”  (I was sure analyzing this a lot. Can’t help it, I’m curious.) All of these questions and possibilities were relevant because whatever she was there for was going to determine which way she was going to go which would, in turn, influence my “I’m not going to knock her down” navigation.

She looked up from checking her parking job, made eye contact with me and appeared a little embarrassed that she had been caught checking how well she parked.  She then turned and started walking up the fence line of the school.  As I jogged passed and said, “Good morning”, she was unlocking a gate to enter the school grounds.  “Ah, she’s a teacher.  Shit.  School starts soon for me too.”

Since then I have been dilligently doing a whole lot of nothing.  Listening to Car Talk while surfing the web.  Checking email, seeing what’s up on Facebook, playing with Genius in iTunes, blogging and pretending to dance to Rappers Delight in my chair.  All the while I have a nagging, “Back to work Thursday….” mantra in the back of my head.  So, I should go do something work related to work today; right?

Meh, we’ll see.


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