School Year 2011-2012 Entry 3

Ventured to campus today, four days before required, mostly actually preciscely because I needed to unpack/arrange my room before the required days.  Every year we have to go back to school two days before the students arrive.  One day is a ‘district’ day devoted to professional development where we can choose from a number of course offerings usually taught by our peers.  The other day is a ‘site’ day where half the day is devoted to administrative issues like grading, attendance, and discipline policies.  The second half of the day is for us to work in our classrooms.  Somehow I don’t think 3 hours would be nearly enough time to unpack and set up a classroom while getting copies and lessons ready for Monday.

I arrived at school and went to the side door because a colleague had told me last week that they were keeping the front door locked.  Didn’t really dawn on me  that this was a new week; side door was locked. Assuming the front door was also locked, as per my colleague last week, I started trying to call people inside the building, on my phone not at the top of my lungs, the principal opens the door, “Need to get in?”


“The front doors unlocked.”

“Sheesh,”  I thought to myself.  We exhanged some summer stories and I headed up to get my classroom in order.  It took several hours, yes more than three, of figuring out a desk arrangement that would work, hanging a map, and unpacking several boxes of “Why did I save this” stuff before I felt I’d accomplished enough to head home.  I began my drive out of town looking over the fields of beans and corn, musing about what a nice day it was, noticed a hawk flying by with mouse in it’s talons, and started to lament the end of summer.  (Not because the mouse represented summer or anything deep like that, though that is kinda deep for me.)  At that moment I heard, “DRUMS PLEASE….!” coming through the speakers from my iPod.  “Summer-summer-summertime…time to sit back and unwind…”  Thank you DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, for rubbing it in my face.

I grooved the rest of the way home 🙂


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