School Year 2011-12 Entry 5- Be Prepared and Roll with it

For the last 3 years, give or take a few months, our campus has been under a complete rennovation. During that time I have had to share a classroom, move my classroom 3 times and move my office twice. The eventual goal was to get all of the portables off of campus and all of the teachers into the new classroom buildings. At the end of last year construction was finsihed and though I was still in a portable I was told I’d only have to wait another year. “Meh”, I thought, “What’s another year? At least I don’t have to pack everything up and move again.” As my year was widing down, the thoughts of not having to pack were quite relaxing. All I had to do to check out for the summer was turn in my grades, lock my classroom, and hand in my keys.

The day before the last day of school an Assistant Principal came to me with the news that I would indeed be moving into the new building. I took the news with a mix of elation and dred. Elation because I’d no longer be in the back 40, dred because I had to pack and move again. Fortunately I had downsized so much over the last few moves there was really little I had to pack. This week I returned to unpack my junk in the new classroom and set it up. While I was setting up I was noticing all the awesome things about the room: ceiling mounted LCD projcetor, TONS of storage behind and under the sliding white boards, blank walls to fill with art and student work, and the rooms proximity to my colleagues. Finally a functional, clean space for me to use!

This afternoon as I was getting my syllabus apporved the AP said, “Ok, you’re in this room for these periods then So-n-so is in there after you….”


As I left the office several words and phrases came to mind like “Eh, roll with it; I can adapt; no biggie.” (You were expecting dirty words, weren’t you?) I said in the previous post that one of the things I like about teaching is that everyday is different. One of the many things I’ve learnd over the last 15 years is that since every day is different you need to expect the unexpected and be prepared to be flexible and just roll with it. There is still a possibility I will not be required to share the shiny new room; I’ll cross my fingers.

Side note: Todays teacher led in-service was awesome. Practical, useful tools for me to use in the classroom.


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