School Year ’11-’12 Entry 6 Week 1 Down

School got off to a darn good start. It wasn’t until about Thursday that the reality of it all caught up with me. That was the day I was plowing through the Juniors summer work, signing request forms for field trips, planning for my next week of classes and mulling over if doing a fundraiser in October was really such a good idea then realized, “Holy shit, I’m back at school.”
I think it was also that day that I was forwarded an email by a teacher in my program regarding a student who would be returning to school this Monday; a week after school had started. I read the email and was reminded of a post on Facebook last week by a good friend that I stole (all good teachers steal) and placed here:
“Tonight a teacher somewhere in your neighborhood is getting ready for your child’s new school year, writing lesson plans or writing your child’s name in their grade book, while you are watching TV. In the minute it takes you to read this, teachers all over the world are using their “free time,” & often investing their own time & money for your child’s literacy, prosperity, & future.”
The email regarding the returning student prompted me to recall that post because it illustrates one of the many roles a teacher plays, hats they wear, or (insert your own metaphor here). See, the student I mentioned earlier is returning late to school because she was involved in an accident, (boating I think; still don’t have all the details), and as a result, lost her eyesight. It’s not known yet if the vision loss is permanent, or if vision will return after some swelling at the base of the brain goes down. The email I received originated with the school psychologist and the students counselor who were explaining that they were going to go into a few of the students classes to do some empathy training so that the kids would know the facts of the returning students situation and would also have some ideas how to react appropriately and support their peer.
So, tonight as I was writing my lesson plans, and you may or may not have been watching TV, I was also thinking about my students return to school. I know she will be welcomed and supported, but I also know this will be an ongoing challenge for us all, a challenge that’s not covered in teacher credentialing programs but that I am happy to take on.


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