School Year ’11-’12 Entry 9 Weekend?

A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my colleagues this, “I wonder if other professionals work hard at their jobs during the week in order to avoid having to do more work for their jobs over the weekend?” That weekend I spent close to 12 hours grading/planning.

Granted this torture was a bit self-imposed as I gave a test and collected unit packets in all my classes that week, but still, 12 hours? This begs the question, “Why can’t I get it done during working hours?” Well, part of the reason is that I’m actually teaching during my working hours, and part of the reason is the nature of being a teacher and program coordinator. There are any number of expected and unexpected distractions during the day which keep me from getting work related stuff done during working hours.

Distractions, or diversions, from grading and planning run the gamut from turning in a confiscated cell phone to the AP office, to helping seniors solve Senior Project issues, to tracking down juniors who haven’t been coming to zero period and/or keeping up with their homework. Mix in a bit of fundraising and event planning for the program, and you’ve got a recipe for weekend teacher homework. The amount of work I do over the weekend varies, but I always have some. I tell myself I just need to be more efficient with my time at school, but I can never predict what fire will erupt that I’ll need to put out.

Fortunately though, there is college football, and I have a DVR, making the weekend work a bit less torturous.


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