Head First

This week I sent all the information I had about my adoption to a search agency to locate my birth family.  Not gonna lie, it’s a little daunting.  The agency said I’d findout  everything (preceding word whould have the tone of “Squints” from “The Sandlot” in your head…e.g. “for-ev-er”) but did not specify what everything would encompass.  They did way I’d learn about aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, etc. but not what I’d learn abou them; that’s the daunting part.  I mean, it’s been 44 years, there’s a lot to learn about people who have been around 44 years.  Are their any millionaires in my birth family?  Criminals?  Moonshiners?  (I was named Elvis at birth) Or just a bunch o’ regular folk?

I’m guessing regular folk.  Regardless of what everything turns out to be, this will definitely be an interesting journey.


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