Tick, tick, tick…….tick

A month ago yesterday I started the process of locating my birth family.  It has been curious how things have developed to date.  I made the initial phone call to Search Quest America (SQA), gave what little information I had and the person I spoke to seemd to become more energetic and interested with each new bit of information.  All I really know is where I was adopted from, the hospital I was born in and physical description (age, hair color, eye color, height, weight, nationality) of my birth parents.  I also had some information from years earlier when I had tried searching.

Over 12 years ago I contacted the agency in Texas I was adpoted from to use their search services.  Through that process they had located my birth mother but she told them she was not ready to meet because though she had told her husband about me they had not told their son who was about to graduate high school; she did not want to introduce any possible turmoil at that time.  My birth mother also stated that she was glad that I had had a good life, that she prayed for me and never regretted her decision.  At that time this information sated my curiousity; additionally I wanted to respect her decsion to protect her son.

While sharing this information with my SQA contact what really piqued her interest  was when I mentioned that on the paperwork I had acquired from the hospital was the name, ‘Baby Elvis’.

“Oh! She named you! That’s really interesting.”

“Well,” I said, “It could’ve been her, or the maybe the nurses…”  I began.

“Oh, no, your birth mother named you; that doesn’t happen very often.”  Those who know me know I have embraced that name, to a degree,  inlcuding buying blue suede shoes and even sharing this story with my students.  Upon hearing this story my students always ask, “Can we call you Elvis?”

“Um, no.  But you can call me the king“.

With the information I provided, my contact at SQA seemed to intimate that my case could be solved pretty quickly; haven’t heard too much since that conversation.  I guess quickly is relative.  I have no idea how long the average search for them takes.  Additionally, adoption records in Texas are closed which I’m sure adds to the complexity of finding my birth family.  Well, I’ve waited 44 years, a little while longer won’t hurt.


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