There is Only Love

A few weeks ago I arrived early to my night class to review my lesson, set up the AV equipment and generally get ready.  A little while later a student I had in class the previous semester entered, and was obviously excited about something.”

“Hi,” she began, “I  wanted to let y ou know that if you get an email at some point during this semester saying that I am no longer able to attend class, not to worry.  I just got put on the waiting list for a new kidney!”

“Wow, ok,” I started totally unsure how to respond, “That’s great!”

“Yeah, I already got one from my mom, and she can’t really spare another….” she laughed.

“That’s exciting, but you know I’ll have to give you an ‘F’ if you leave before the final drop date,” I said smiling wryly.

admittedly I was taken aback for a moment by the conversation, but ultimately glad she felt she could share that with me.

The following week I was at an SST (Student Study Team) meeting for a student who had his first seizure ever last fall.  At the meeting his mom was discussing the neurologists findings and how the family was now adapting and making modifications to their routines to reduce the likelihood of another seizure; though it’s guaranteed he will, at some point have more.  I was struck by how this one event immediately changed the lives of this students family and reminded that I never know what baggage my students arrive with each day.

Today I read an article titled Induced Labor Allows Dying Texas Man to See Baby which prompted me to write this post.  I thought about my one student in need of a kidney, another adjusting to a future with seizures, and my parents married 52 years and still humming right along despite the my mom’s onset of Alzheimer’s.

I can’t help but realize Buddha was right.

There is only love.
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