A photo a day………maybe

Every morning I read, or rather skim through, the SF Chronicle on my iPad.  Mostly I enjoy the comics and the photos.  I see some pretty amazing and interesting photos and often wish I was able to take equally amazing ones.  I am also always looking for inspiration to write and share.  Since I look at the photos every day and am often struck by them either because of their composition, statement, or just because they pique my interest I thought I’d start writing about some.  So I’ll begin with these:








Caption: “A boy plays in a park converted to a cemetery in Idlib, north of Syria, Saturday, March 3, 2012.” Photo: Rodrigo Abd / Associated Press

I found this a particularly poignant comment on the current violence in Syria and the effect it is having on the daily lives of Syrians.  With the recent ongoing conflicts in Iraq, and Afghanistan I have often wondered what life was like for ordinary people in those countries.  I then wonder how people throughout history have coped with war around them while trying to forge normal lives.  I remember learning that in the early part of the US Civil War people would often have picnics on hills overlooking battlefields…until they witnessed the brutality of war.  What were they thinking?









Caption: “Lisa Polinori, left, walks her Boston Terrier, “Enzodog,” while riding a unicycle in Baltimore, Tuesday, March 6, 2012.” Photo: Patrick Semansky / Associated Press

I saw this picture and wondered what the guy on the phone was saying.

“Don’t run, don’t run, don’t run, don’t run…..” thinks Lisa.

“So I said to the cook……wha? Wait, I’m standin here talkin to you and here comes  this woman on a unicylce walking her dog.”

“Walking her dog on a unicyle?” queries the person on the other end.

“Well, she’s on the unicycle, dog’s on a leash walking in front.”

“Just don’t run…ok, balanced…eyes down….don’t run, don’t run….whoop!  Arm out…..that’s better.”

“I kinda feel like pushing her….”

Then I started to wonder, ‘Enzodog’? What the heck kind of a name is ‘Enzodog’?  I imagine her yelling, “Here, Enzodog!”, or “Sit Enzodog, SIT!”, or “Where’s Enzodog? Anyone seen Enzodog?”

I guess if you’re going to walk your dog on a unicycle, a name like Enzodog makes total sense.


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