A Photo a Day…..or 3

I often wonder how good photographers are able to caputure great images.  I imagine there’s a lot of waiting, looking, and discarded shots.  I also wonder, are they intentionally looking for something or do they always have their camera handy; just in case.

For example:

In a photo shot on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012, a dog looks out from behind a wall in an abandoned home in Detroit. The mission of Detroit Dog Rescue is to round up all the feral dogs and find them homes. For the dogs that take a little longer to find a landing spot, Detroit Dog Rescue wants to build a shelter designed to comfortably house them. Photo: Carlos Osorio / Associated Press

I like this picture #1 because I like dogs, and #2 I’m interested in post industrial America.  Often when humans lose their homes for whatever reason natural disaster, foreclosure, fire or urban decay their are pets displaced.  I wonder if this photographer was looking for such pets, or was he working on another unrelated story or did he just see an opportunity for a snapshot?  The reason for this one is a little more obvious to me.

I imagine the photographer was on their way to work and saw the opportunity.  I imagine the reason behind this on is similar:


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