Death by Running

I really should start keeping track of the number of times I am nearly run over while, um, running.  Just in the last two weeks it has been twice, and this morning I literally could’ve been killed.  The two most recent times, other than this morning which I’ll get to in a minute, occured at the same corner.  On said corner is a gas station.  Just before the corner there is an entrance/exit driveway and around the corner is an exit driveway that is right turn only.  One day I’m rounding the corner and am almost nailed by a Jeep that was too impatient to wait at the stoplight and decided to cut the corner through the gas stations’ lot.  (For those of you who want to know it’s the AM/PM on the corner of McHenry and Rumble.)

“Holy shit!” I thought.

“Whoa dude!” someone from the jeep yelled as it came to a stop.  I passed in front and the Jeep then completed it’s turn and it’s occupants yelled something unintelligble to me.  I like to think it was, “Sorry we’re assholes and almost ran you over,” but it was probably something else.

The following week, same corner, I’m approaching the turn checking out the gas station lot for cars that may be entering/exiting inappropriately and notice that there are two SUV’s approaching the exit only driveway.  As I round the corner SUV#1 is exiting the driveway into the street, SUV#2 is a good 4 or 5 feet from having it’s bumper cross from the asphalt of the lot to the cement of the sidewalk.  “Oh, good,” I think, “I’ve got time to run between the SUV that just left and the one approaching.”

I look into the SUV’s smoked driver side window, and directly toward the driver; the SUV slows a bit a universal indiator, I thought, that the driver had seen me.  “Phew……….” It’s at this moment I see the shocked face of the passenger who nudges the driver to stop.  WTF?  Did the driver drop something? Was s/he texting?! Why did it slow down?!  Sheesh!

On to this morning.  7:00 a.m. roads largely clear of cars; this is why I like running in the morning.  I approach theintersection (Sunrise and Briggsmore), stop my timer, then push the button to cross the street.  The street I am intending to cross is two lanes of one way traffic approaching from my left.

I look left as I wait for the light to turn.  There is a car approaching form a good 150-200 yards away (not sure how accurate my distance estimates are, point is there was plenty of time fo the car to stop).  The light changes.  The car, a Jeep Cherokee, is still 75-100 yards from the stoplight  which is on the oppostite side of the intersetion from me, in the lane closest to me and appears to be slowing.  I look down to start my timer again as I step into the street and start running.  I’m well into the second lane.  I look up and hear the Cherokee rev  it’s engine and notice out of the corner of my eye the Jeep swerving in the intersestion from the second lane back to the first in order to avoid killing me.

Thanks for that.  But the God Damnned light was RED!  You couldn’t wait less than 30 seconds for me to cross the street?!  I definitely need to remmeber my ID when I run, and maybe I should consider wearing a GoPro.


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