A Photo a Day…ok, 2

I am continually amazed at the ‘eye’ of the photographer.  It would have taken me hours to #1 think about taking a picture like this and #2 getting in right.












Caption: A Magnolia tree is in full bloom near the Washington Monument, background, in Washington, Sunday, March 11, 2012.  Photo: Cliff Owen / Associated Press

This one reminded me of the old Steve Martin bit, I think it was on the same album as King Tut.  Yes, I admit owning that album and listening to it over, and over; miss the sound of needle on vinyl.  Anyway for those of you who know the bit this picture is all about the ancient art of Ti-Ming:









Caption: Minnesota Twins left fielder Ben Revere leaps but can’t make the play on a double by New York Yankees’ Nick Swisher in the sixth inning of a spring training baseball game in Fort Myers, Fla., Sunday, March 11, 2012.  Photo: Charles Krupa / Associated Press



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