A Post A Day – Storytelling

The ability to tell a story with one photograph is an amazing talent.  When I first saw the first photo below I immediately began making my own captions including, “Don’t mind us, we’re off to rob a bank” and “Think anyone will notice?”









Then I read the actual caption:  An unidentified man with his head covered, believed to be Abdelkader Merah or his companion, sits between masked police officers as they head to the French police’s anti-terrorist headquarters in Levallois-Perret, outside Paris, Saturday, March 24, 2012. Merah’s brother, Mohamed Merah is blamed for a series of deadly shootings which have shocked France and upended the country’s presidential race. Merah, who claimed allegiance to al-Qaida, died in a hail of gunfire Thursday after a dramatic 32-hour-long standoff with law enforcement. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena).

The story I was making up was not nearly as good.

This next one made me think of my freshman students.  Recently we’ve been learning about world popultion growth and demographics including birth rate, death rate, total fertility rate etc.  Specifically, realted to this photo, we watched a video called “Poulation Paradox” produced by NOVA in which India is profiled among a few other countries.  The video discusses the fact that women in India are often beaten or burned if they do not produce male children.  Invariably I’m asked a questionslike this after the video, “Why don’t the women just leave?  Or fight back?”  It’s difficult to convey to Twenty-first Century American 14-15 year olds that, sadly, women around the world have limited options.









Acid attack victim Asiya Bibe, 35, is seen in a mirror as she poses at her residence at Bahawalpur district in Multan on March 16, 2012. Acid attacks are among the worst forms of domestic violence in Pakistan and mostly directed at women, who are too often classified as second-class citizens. Victims are disfigured for life and ostracized by society. Pakistan’s parliament late last year adopted tougher penalties for the crime, increasing the punishment to between 14 years and life, and a minimum fine of one million rupees (11,000 USD). Photo: Bay Ismoyo / AFP/Getty Images


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