A Photo A Day and One For Yesterday…

…for a total of three.  Upon viewing this photo I began to wonder how often I strike this pose.  And how much I might resemble an orangutan when I do.








Caption: I eat breakfast, therefore I am: A pensive baby orangutan named Aurora adopts a pose reminiscent of Rodin’s “The Thinker” after a meal at the Houston Zoo.  Photo: Pat Sullivan / Associated Press


Dogs seem to have fun no matter what they’re doing, even when it’s dangerous.  Do they realize the danger? or are they adrenaline junkies?









Caption: What does this have to do with drug interdiction again? The Police Canine Unit in Medellin, Colombian, wouldn’t be a bad place to work if they didn’t make you jump through so many hoops that they set on fire. Photo: Raul Arboleda / AFP/Getty Images


This one from yesterday is a favorite because it almost looks staged.  I’m thinking the photographer was directing the people rather than being in the right place and time to capture this image.  I mean, how lucky is this shot?  Did the photographer wait for something to happen in front of the “fun & basics” store, or did they just see the store and think, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I had some people pose in front of this?”









Caption:  A riot police officer clashes with a demonstrator during the general strike in Barcelona,Thursday, March 29, 2012. Spanish unions angry over economic reforms are waging a general strike, challenging a conservative government not yet 100 days old and joining other troubled European workers in venting their frustration on the street.  Photo: Manu Fernandez / Associated Press


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