A Photo A Day (times 6)…Parkfield

I’m a geography nerd.  I get really excieted about visiting places that allow me to indulge my nerdom.  I’ve already posted a picture from Parkfield, CA which is the most seismically active place in California, but I thought I’d post a few more.  From a geography nerd standpoint, the coolest thing about parkfield is that you can cross from the North American Plate to the Pacific Plate and visa-versa across the San Andreas fault!  Yeah!  Suck on that James Cameron!  I don’t need some fancy submarine to explore plate bondaries, I can do it right here on the surface!  I’m king of the crustal plates!  (Ok, that sounds weird).




















While you are in Parkfield you can eat here:











Or see this guy and his dog:











Speaking of dogs, there were a few really nice ones walking around, they were VERY well fed!

While there, you might get lucky and catch a car show, or just some random car club on a road trip:









If restored cars aren’t your thing here’s a photo for you:


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