A Photo A Day – Not the thinker

Last Sunday I went to San Francisco, visited the MOMA, wandered around and snapped some pictures.  For lunch a friend reccomended a burger place called Mo’s which is located in the Zeum at Yerba Buena Gardens.  The Zeum is a childrens area that has, among other things, a small park, ice skating rink and carosel and is located next to Moscone Center.  I got to the Zeum across via a pedestrian bridge over Howard Street.  As I appoached the Zeum side of Howard I looked over the side of the pedestrian walkway and saw this:










Being a geography nerd I said to myself, “AWESOME!”  Then promptly ran down to check the sculpture out.  On the way down I thought, “Hey, I bet this is on my Roadside America app.”  Sho’ nuff it ’twas.  The sculpture is called “Urge” and the dude on top is supposed to stand and sit in response to onlookers.  He looks like this:












There is a bench directly opposite the “Urge” that onlookers are supposed to sit on; when they stand, “Urge” is suppsed to stand also.  On the day I was there “Urge” was not working.  So I decided to take some pictures instead.  As I photographed “Urge”  I began to wonder what urge “Urge” was demonstrating….



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