A Photo a Day – Framing

As I attempt to approve my own photography I struggle with how to frame images.  Often I spend so much time trying to frame what I want, I lose sight of what I’m trying to capture.  Someday I’ll capture images like this:

Caption: A Yemeni man works at a brick factory on the outskirts of Sanaa, Yemen, Wednesday, April 25, 2012. Photo: Hani Mohammed / Associated Press


Being able to understand how to frame photographs leads to capturing stories like this:

Caption: In this Sunday April 22, 2012 photo, a Syrian man sits on the balcony of his destroyed house damaged from Syrian army forces shelling, at Hamidiyeh neighborhood in Homs province, central Syria. Opposition activists have said observers appear to make a difference in areas where they stay for longer periods, such as the central city of Homs, where a pair of monitors has been deployed since the weekend. Homs had been hammered by regime artillery for weeks, but shelling stopped after the monitors arrived. Gunfights are still reported in some neighborhoods. Photo: Str / Associated Press.


I’m certain that when this man envisioned sitting on his porch, this was not what he imagined.


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