A Photo…Occasionally – Belize

I think I changed my usual title for these to use the word “occasionally” instead of the phrase “a day” because I’m on vacation and I really don’t get started on my day until around 10:00.   by started I mean, I’ve run, had breakfast, read the paper (comics first), and am ready to do ‘stuff’ meaning, errands, cleaning the house, yard work and junk like that.  So since I don’t get started on stuff until 10:00 or so, a good bit of the day is gone and well, I just may forget to post.  Why I’m explaining this I don’t know, but there it is.

One of the best things about my trip to Belize was the discovery of what  a great place it is to do absolutely nothing.  Well, not  nothing, I mean I had to eat, and I snorkled a little, but mostly I did nothing which consisted of lying on the beach, reading, tooling around the island we were on via golf cart or bike; oh and bar hopping.  One of my favorite huants looked like this:











The sign is a little confusing. I don’t know if it’s advertising ‘hot smoking’, or ‘hot smoking foods’; the latter sounds better and safer. From where I was staying Palapa looked like this:









How could you not want to go check that place out? The few from Palapa was even better:









As was the view from my seat from which I pondered doing more nothing.


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