Nic Freeman

The train to work feels different to any train I rode while travelling. The language is not foreign. The sights are not new. The air lacks the thrill of possibility and the buzz of adventure.

Milton Train Station

Of course, this could all be in my head. As I look around with my recently-returned-home eyes and see the straight, close-lipped faces of daily commuters, I wonder, is this what foreigners see when travelling Australia? Do visitors see the mundane when travelling? Can they taste the stale carriage air or do they walk around in a bubble of charged travel excitement? And, did I ever notice the dull eyes and surly stares of work goers when I was travelling? I don’t think so; I was too preoccupied admiring roses, staring at stars, relishing cultural quirks and pledging my love to the universe.

How quickly a mindset can change! Just as the end of a…

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