A Photo Occasionally – Progress

At times just about everyone believes their hometown is/was lame, or may suffer from ‘the grass is greener’ syndrome.  To be sure there are people who absolutely love their hometowns, but I think they’re lying, deluded, or have never been anywhere but their hometown; which is lame.  Despite the occasional hometown malaise what is nice about living in your hometown or returning to it after a period of time, is seeing it grow.  My town finally became large enough to support a public trail and most recently that trail opened a new pedestrian bridge over a busy thoroughfare.  The trail follows a long removed spur of the Tidewater Southern Railroad through town.  The trail has made a huge difference for those of us who run and spend a good deal of time on runs avoiding being flattened by cars.  It’s also made a huge (I need a different word than huge) change in my perspective of my hometown.  It feels much more comfortable; human.  It now reminds me of places I have lived, larger and smaller, that had public trails.  I loved those places because public spaces bring people out.  Sauntering along a well designed and landscaped path is relaxing; strangers say hello; the community connects.  This morning I hopped on my cruiser and snapped some photos.  Proud of my town.































Irrigation canals run through various parts of town, harkening back to our agricultural base.

















My ride.






















Public art.










Found a shoe.








…and some grafitti.








Saw a bird.  (Look closely)


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