A Photo Occasionally – The $15,000 Cat Chronicles

Thoughts/observations/questions from my first full week with my new housemates:

Man Java’s fat.









Why does Linux watch me clean out the litter boxes so intently? (Yes, I said boxes).

What the?  Dang!  I thought I’d gotten all the cat hair off!

Do you have to accompany me into the bathroom?

Do you have to be on me whenever I sit/lie down?











Ok, which one of you doesn’t bury your poop?  It really stinks when you don’t do that.

I should’ve tested this air freshener before bought it; now my house smells like old lady.

I should change Java’s name to Skidmark since she seems to enjoy using my carpet as toilet paper…wait, maybe she’s the one that doesn’t bury her poo!




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