A Photo Occasionally – The $15,000 Cat Chronicles

What I’ve learned after a couple of weeks with the $15,000 cat and his friends:

  • I probably shouldn’t lay bread directly on my counter top as I don’t know the last time a cat might have padded across it, and more importantly, how long it has been since said padding cat has been in the litter box
  • Cats drink from the toilet too (just like dogs, not  like people…people drink from the toilet much differently)
  • Cats may lick you like dogs do, but I’m more weirded out by a cat licking me than a dog
  • I probably should’ve invested in some furniture covers before the cats arrived
  • Squirt bottles help cats learn…fast, now all I have to do is aim it at them and they scurry.
  • Air fresheners aren’t that  bad (I usually loathe them, but when you have 3 indoor cats your perspective changes).
  • Java, a.k.a. Fat Java, reminds me of the fat guy from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” just before he has his last wafer









  • Cats do weird things with their toys











  • Though they seem to like them











  • $15,000 cat  knows how to chill



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