What's A Blog?

“Do you blog..?” asked Mr. Lumber.
“No…” I replied, trying to keep all hints of blogging is so beneath me out of my voice. It was a formal meeting with my favorite teacher and, although we have similar senses of humor, I always try my hardest not to let my sarcasm offend the people I respect.
But blogging? Really?? Who on earth has time to blog? The people who blog are self-centered, confused, and lazy. Who seriously wants to just type out something about their mediocre day and post on the World Wide Web for everyone and anyone to see? Who thinks their amateur life interests anyone else? Who has so little to do with their time, that they resort to ranting on about their said pathetic life on said Internet?
Apparently me.
Mr. Lumber’s suggestion not only repulsed me, but also intrigued me. I’d never really read a private…

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