A Photo Occasionally – $15,000 Cat Chronicles: Skidmarks, litter prints, and a squirt bottle.

I posed a question on Facebook as to the possible causes of Fat Java leaving skidmarks on my carpet.  I had several responses, all of them gross.  Several people suggested she needed her anal glands expressed, ew, another suggested adding another litter box, ew, lastly someone suggested it was a tapeworm, ew.  All of this has just make me that much more of a non-cat person. Cats get on everything.  On the counter tops.  On the furniture.  On the bed.  On the windowsill. On me. On all of this and more and all after being in the litter box at some point.

Last night I walked into the kitchen and stepped in something sticky, no  not sticky, tacky.  I lifted my foot and saw two ‘litter prints’. One of my feline guests had tramped litter that was stuck to their foot all the way from the litter box to the kitchen where it eventually came off.  Ugh.  In an effort to minimize the risk of this I’ve upgraded to litter box 4.0 by adding another box.  Also, today Fat Java is taking a trip to the vet for a…whatever needs to be done, to get her to stop wiping her butt on the carpet.  She doesn’t do it all the time, but really once is too much.  I think she might know I’m coming for her:









Now, how am I going to fit her fat ass in the cat carrier?










As for their getting on everything, I have covered some of the furniture and have started using a squirt bottle.  Initially the squirt bottle was a fast effective teacher but I have come to realize that cats just don’t care.  With a dog you discipline it a few times then after that all you have to do is give it a stern look or strong voice.  But not a cat.  Though I squirt them every time one of them hops up on the table while I’m eating, they still hop up on the table while I’m eating.  I’ll squirt them when they try to hop in my lap (after I’ve had one or more of them on me for a while and need a break; I’m not a cat person, but I don’t hate cats), they’ll scurry away, saunter around the couch and approach from a different angle and try to hop up again!  Sometimes it takes two or three squirts…in the face!  After the first squirt they’ll give me this incredulous, “You did NOT just squirt me  in the face” look.  The second time it’s the, “Squirt me ONE more time” face but the third one usually causes them to split; for a little while.  Sheesh.


2 thoughts on “A Photo Occasionally – $15,000 Cat Chronicles: Skidmarks, litter prints, and a squirt bottle.

  1. I can’t believe you’re surviving! I hate cats -but my house has somehow become the neighborhood cat hangout. I will personally volunteer to dump buckets of water on them for y ou instead of futile squirt bottling!

    • It’s not so bad; it’s not as if my carpet is tiger striped or anything, but I will say they are not growing on me…the cats or the stripes. And don’t you know that cats tend to gravitate toward the people that don’t like them?

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