A Photo Occasionally – Running Makes Me Think Funny…strange…not ha-ha

I like running in the morning, it is a little hard to roll out of bed and get motivated but once I get started, totally worth the early rise. I enjoy experiencing the world waking up. Birds chirping, the sun rising, cool, crisp air very little traffic. I get a kick out of saying, “Mornin'”, to other early risers out and about; it’s even better when they echo it back. The longer I am into a run my mind starts to wander. I usually think to myself, “What would the kid me think of this getting up early on purpose to go run?” He’d think, “Bullshit.”

I live near my old junior high and often run past it and think how I wouldn’t even run the mile back then, much less run for fun, and this morning my goal was 8 miles. I am motivated to run for two reasons: 1) if I keep running I can keep eating pretty much whatever I want, 2) running prepares me for running half marathons which also gives me the excuse to go to fun places and run them and get cool things like this:


(Not the bobble head, the medal. Not that the bobble head’s not cool. Anyway…)


















I keep myself motivated to complete my longer distances because I am sure to include the old railroad tracks that were converted into a pedestrian path. Running on it this morning made me nostalgic for summer which is when I took these:

v013 v020

Yep, I’d much rather have this than decommissioned railroad tracks.

Near the end of this path where it meets a street I needed to cross there was a person approaching from my left walking to work, I had to adjust my cadence so as not to run into him. (I surmised he was heading to work based on his black pants and shiny black shoes, but he could just have well been heading to church, or even home from work…but I digress.)

Across the street was a homeless man pushing a baby stroller full of stuff, that seems to be the preferred carrier of things around here as opposed to the shopping cart, across the street toward the path. I passed behind the guy walking toward, or from, wherever, then by the homeless man, then imagined him crossing paths with the other guy I had just passed which made me nostalgic for the Sam the Sheepdog and Ralph the Wolf Warner Brothers Cartoons. You know, how they’d punch in for work each day, then punch out?

“Mornin’ Sam.”

“Mornin’ Ralph.”

Then Ralph would spend the day trying to steal the sheep, Sam would spend the day stopping him and hilarity would ensue until they clocked out.

“Good night Ralph.”

“See ya tomorrow Sam.”

That’s what I imagined homeless guy and sidewalk guy to say as they passed each other. In case you’re feeling nostalgic too, or have never seen Sam and Ralph, check this out:

Thinking about that cartoon and running through my old neighborhood I was feeling the tug of youth, back to about the time I wouldn’t run the mile. My neighborhood was great. All the kids played together, hung out, did stupid things including writing on light poles. We wrote things like ‘so n’ so was here’, ‘Sally + Ronny’, ‘Jimmy smells’, etc. I wondered if what we wrote was still there. So this afternoon I went over to visit my folks and before leaving went out to the light pole by our driveway and took this:


Hmm, well, not what I expected. Though in my defense there was another Mike on our street and I think everyone would agree he was the butt.


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