$15,000 Cat Chronicles – Diet Time

I’m really starting to not like cats.  More specifically, indoor cats. And precisely cats that aren’t mine.  I thought cat sitting might get better as we all got to know one another, but I seem to be the only one making an effort here.  Lilo, the $15,000, cat plays it cool most of the time except when he’s up on the kitchen counter or trying to get a drink of water from anywhere other than the water dish.  Usually he tries to drink out of the kitchen sink if there’s a dish in there with some water in it, or just a droplet of water that must taste amazingly better than water dish water.  When not spelunking for water or eating I can usually find him sprawled out somewhere like this:










or just sitting contently pretending he’s not planning on jumping up on the counter; like this:









Fat Java is equally adept at sprawling.  Witness:









But mostly she just takes up space; LOTS of space:




Oh, and she bullies the other two out of their food.


Linux is Mr. Skittish, he’s the kind of f’n cat that acts like he wan’ts you to pet him then scampers away.  He also likes to be perched up higher than everyone ( I think I’ve mentioned this before).  See?






The scampering is not that big a deal.  I mean after all he takes up WAY less space than Java:




As a result of Javas ponderous bulk I have put all three on a diet.  I realized it would be ridiculous to feed them all separately so I’m just giving them less, or more accurately, the amount recommended on the bag.  So far they’re handling it quite well, but it’s having an unexpected consequence.  Suddenly I’m they’re best friend.  I thought their wanting to be on my lap, in my face, rubbing up on my leg was bad before; woo!  those were the hey days!  Now they’re schmoozing 24/7 for more food.  Well, I’m going to stand firm and not give in to their feline ways because less food has also meant less poop to scoop!  Besides, I can fend them off with my squirt bottle.


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