Adventuring in California – Treasure Island Flea

Today I ventured out to the Treasure Island Flea market which happens the last weekend of every month.  On my way out of town I stopped in a Starbucks, ran into some friends, shared my plans for the day and they queried, “So, getting some things for the house?  Decorations?  Furniture?”

“Nope, just going ’cause I’ve never been to Treasure Island; the flea market seems like a good excuse.” With that I waived “see-ya-later”, and left my friends with, “now why would anyone just go to a flea market without a purpose?” expressions on their faces.

My next stop was to pick up another friend who was joining me on this adventure and she had the same questions as my other acquaintances, “So, what do they have at the flea market? Are you getting stuff for the house?  Do they have furniture there?  I don’t know, I’ve never been to a flea market.”  Clearly this friend was going to be company than the first ones.

As flea markets go I’d say this was one was on the higher end.  There were a lot more craft and artisan vendors than people just selling their junk, though they were there too; definitely a market reppin’ the mosaic that is the Bay Area.  One of the first vendors that caught my eye was selling these:

























What an awesome idea, though I think $1,000, is a little steep.  Granted that was one of the larger ones.  And had I had money to burn I would’ve left with one.  Near these awesome paintings we found piles, or maybe scads is a better word, ok well, a lot of metal letters of various sizes and colors:


















These were also a little pricey, but if you chat up the vendor he’ll cut you a deal.  Among the artisan crafty stuff you’ll find the more traditional flea market fair like creepy Christmas ornaments:











Fat roosters:






















Vintage clothing:

IMG_1211 IMG_1210
















Next to a table full of cra….um, neat stuff:









And a sweet trike!









While wandering I also managed to get some scenic shots.  The flag:









The Bay Bridge from a new to me angle:









Some Art Deco:



















A retired gun:











And a giant naked dancing lady:

IMG_1534 IMG_1532



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