After much procrastinating, dithering, as well as fits and starts I mailed the documents today that could quite possibly locate my birth family.  As I’ve written before I’ve always wondered who I looked like, sounded like, acted like…maybe it’s someone in my family (meaning the family I grew up in), maybe it’s someone who shares my DNA; whichever, I’ve always wondered.

My first attempt at searching was 20 years ago.  Long story short, I received a message from my birth mom via the agency I was adopted from that my birth mother was glad to hear that I had had a good life, she had no regrets, and often prayed for me.  She also stated she was hesitant to meet because she had a son that was about to graduate high school that didn’t know about me and she didn’t want to introduce any potential drama at that pivotal point in his life.  I fully understood, respected her wishes and remained anonymous.

My next attempt was about two years ago.  I fell for the glam of a search agency and was highly disappointed in their shenanigans save for one thing; they gave me the clue that led to the documents I mailed today.

Now I wait…some more.  That’s o.k. I’ve waited a long time.  I am a bit anxious though because not only will I learn about my biological family, but they will learn about me.  In my mind I had always fixated on just finding my birth mother; I’d really like to meet her and have a conversation; it never dawned on me I could potentially meet siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles.  It’s both enthralling and terrifying.

Thinking about a photo to include in this post I chose this one:











Thinking about a tag for this post, this photo made me think “vintage”, which made me feel old, until I realized vintage is cool.

In the same folder as that photo was this one:











To whom do I owe my awesome posing skills?  And will they want to take credit :)?

UPDATE: To give you a feel for this process I thought I’d share the following:  I emailed the person who will be helping with my search that I had snail mailed the search documents to her.  She responded that it may take a bit longer for things to get to her as she is….out of the country.  Good thing I know how to be patient.


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