Adventuring in California – San Simeon

Last week while down on the Central Coast I went by one of my favorite places, Hearst Castle.  I enjoy going there and admiring mostly the architecture and style of Julia Morgan.  She along with Frank Lloyd Wright are my favorite architects.  Getting up to the castle involves a bus ride up the windy access road through typical gorgeous California coastal landscapes.  To keep the tourists entertained, or at least informed, Alex Trebek narrates a brief history and description of the castle.  I know, you’re probably thinking the same thing I did, “Alex Trebek?”

Sitting in front of me is an interesting couple.  Though I can’t see the mans attire I’m pretty sure he’s wearing black shoes with white socks that have nothing to do with the safari hat on his head that is adorned with pins of places he’s visited.  His wife his speaking loudly about something, actually she had just receive a call from lost and found at the visitor center that the wallet her husband lost was turned in; the point is, she was continuing her conversation with him loudly.  Fortunately I was directly under a speaker so I could here Mr. Trebek clearly, the woman and her daughter across the aisle were not so lucky.

“Ma’am, we CAN’T hear.”

“Oh, sorry…” she turns to her husband, “whisper, whisper, whisper…”

Alex continues to drop factoids here and there with 1920’s music in the background.  At one point he’s talking about the menagerie of critters Hearst had on the property in addition to the native California critters and makes it sound so wonderful.  Then he says if we look up in the sky we may even see soaring over the property the majestic black birds known as, “…turkey vultures.”  That kinda killed the mood for me.

As we pull up to the mansion we Mr. Look-where-I’ve-Been Safari-hat, leans over to his wife and says, “I hope they know to speak loudly.”

It was a gorgeous day, slightly overcast which made the light do some fantastic things.  Also, there didn’t seem to be many people there, far less than the last time I was there, which made for good photography.

Here are some of my favorites:

0004 0006 0005 0007 0008 0010 0009 0001 0002


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