Adventuring in California – Preston School of Industry

Two important things I learned today 1) I take a buttload of pictures (I blame digital media), 2) I need to be more careful with my shots on bright sunny days.

Today I ventured to the Preston School of Industry, a.k.a. Preston Castle, in Ione, CA. This former reformatory for wayward boys was open from 1894 to 1960, and housed young men who had committed minor offences or whose families could not care for them and turned them over to be wards of the state. The location also has quite a reputation for paranormal activity.  Today I didn’t get to experience any such activity unless you count the glare on some of the photos; that’s more likely due to me being an idiot though.  (Note to self, don’t shoot directly at bright light.)

Totally worth a trip. To me it was reminiscent of the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio (Shawshank). Before visiting check their schedule they are not open every day Private tours can be scheduled as well.  The foundation also has lots of cool events including a haunted house (obviously), wine tasting, and a movie night.  I’ll be going back.

First some shots of everyone’s favorites – doors:

How ’bout some stairs?

Some random interior shots:

Infirmary. (It’s been fixed up a little.)


And some favorites:

Bonus.  During my adventure I passed this boarded up along HWY 88. Just a small one or two room school house. I peeked in, but did not enter, there did not appear to be a floor.


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