Houston….we have a bureaucracy.

Excited trepidation was the proper attitude.  The paperwork requesting the unsealing of my adoption records was submitted to the judge on Monday.  The same day I receive a message from the intermediary who is helping me that went something like this:

1. the judge likes to use her own style of forms

2. the court coordinator does not have any of the forms the judge likes.

3. my intermediary was given the name of another intermediary who has copies of the forms, and we can get them there.

(Story note: I was adopted in TX, but now live in CA……..of course if you’ve seen my other posts, and have a pulse, you’ve probably figured out my state of residence.

Since then I’ve played email tag with my intermediary, who is now in England, on vacation I guess, and needed a fax number to send the special forms to so that I could scan them and save them in Word, fill them out and email them back…I suppose, haven’t seen ’em yet; maybe I’ll have to snail mail again.

So I’m anticipating filling out new forms, having to have them notarized, and shipping them out.

Did I mention this will be the third filing of papers?


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