Adventuring in California – Delayed Reverence

Back in November I was in Monterey for the Big Sur Half Marathon circling around in my truck looking for parking close to the Expo and came across the San Carlos Cathedral tucked away near a bend in the road.  I had fully intended to post these photos over a month ago, but got busy and a little lazy.

The San Carlos Cathedral is the oldest continually operating church in California. You can read more about it by visiting Atlas Obscura  (As I typed that I realized that the oldest continually ‘open’ building in Ca. is also in Monterey, it’s the former capitol building where the state constitution was signed.  I also noticed that I keep misspelling ‘Califonria’ hence the ‘Ca’.  It seems that spelling, along with eyesight, is among the first things to devolve with age.) I’m not a particularly church going person; never really went for the seemingly purposefully uncomfortable pews and the weekly admonitions, but I do appreciate the reverence conveyed through the architecture of churches.  When this church was built it likely had a great view of Monterey Bay.  Standing in front of the church one could probably see all the way to what is now the fisherman’s wharf area, a view now obscured by various homes and businesses. (Why does the i come after the s in business?) 

I captured a few photos from the outside, but did not venture inside as people were worshiping (had to check the spelling of that, could’ve sworn it had two p’s) and I did not want to intrude.






























Along the east side of the church were several markers on the ground indicating the location of former walls:
























Looking in the direction of the arrow you’ll see this:









Which is explained here”









And is much more pleasant, in my opinion, than this:







which is directly next to the other shrine above.

One last church photo while I’m thinking about it; this is Shandon Chapel which is located near Paso Robles nestled back in some hills with a great view.










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