A Tale of Three Visitors

This Saturday past I was awaiting an AT&T technician between 8:30 and 1:00. Around 10:00 I received a call that the tech would arrive around a quarter to 11:00.


GRRRR-WOOF-WOOF-WOOF-RRRRggggrrrrowwwl-WOOF-WOOF-WOOF! (insert all kinds of snarling, growling and slobbering here).

“Sheesh! Settle down, doofus!.” I take Guinness by the collar and lead him to the door as he blusters the whole way. Though I knew this was his, “I don’t know you so I’m going to try and scare you,” behavior, and tried to convey that to the technician, he’d have nothing to do with meeting my dog. No worries, I get it; to the kennel it was.

Technician #1 finished all he could do and said he had to call in for another technician to finish the job; this is par for AT&T, heaven forbid one tech could do an entire job. Tech #1 said, “He should be here in a bout an hour.”

As I waited for Tech #2 I gazed out the front window over the MAC championship game I had recorded, I saw my elderly neighbor ambling up to the door; the neighbor who shares a fence with Guinness’ kennel.

“Oh, crap”, went my mind as I opened the door. (Story note, Guinness was still in the Kennel at this point.) I went to the door, opened it….

We exchanged hello’s then my neighbor said, “I’d like to make friends with your dog. I’d like to throw a milk bone over the fence occasionally if that’s ok.”

“Sure!” I said, “I’ll go get him…as a matter of fact, let me give you some treats to give him when you meet.”

I brought Guinness around on leash, he growled and snarled like he had at Tech #1, my neighbor held his hand out for Guinness to sniff, “Well, hi there Guinness, it’s nice to meet you.” Guinness sat down, and my neighbor gave him some treats and pats on the head; Guinness accepted the treats and gave him some kisses.

After that exchange we went back inside to await Tech #2 who finally arrived…3 hours later.



I opened the door, Guinness kept going bonkers, so I sat him down, looked in his eyes and said, “HEY! WE do NOT greet people this way! I really DON’T like what you’re doing! Excuse us.” And I walked the knucklehead outside.

I returned and asked Tech #2, “Are you a dog person?”

“Yeah, I love dogs.”

“Would you mind meeting mine?”


Greetings between Tech and canine were successful, Guinness made a new friend, and I got to talk dogs with Tech #2 and probably got good service on my internet lines to boot.

Since owning my first pit bull I have been amazed by how dang sweet they are, and how many people confirm that when we meet them out in public. I am thankful for those people who either know the “personality” of pit bulls, or are willing to just meet Guinness. I also just have to grin at those who shrink from my dog; I understand they’re concerns are well founded by stories in the news or maybe personal experience, if they were only willing to see what a sweet dope Guinness really is…..


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