Considerations Confirmed from the Past

Rummaging through old family photos yesterday I came across this:


These are my grandparents, we called them Poppa and Mimi. I have no memories of Poppa as he passed away when I was an infant. My memories of Mimi are of one of the sweetest people I have ever known. The photo is actually the outside of a card. the inside looks like this:


Fitting that it turned out to be a New Year’s greeting. I like this on several levels. There is a casual yet formal tone which generate for me a true sentiment of thoughtfulness and appreciation. It also reminds me of the hours my parents would spend every year sending out holiday letters which included various photos of us. My dad would type a page of news from the year then hand write a personal note to each one he sent.

This card makes me wonder how common a photo greeting like this was back when it was created. Today such a card is fairly easy to make or have made, so I’m wondering how much effort and cost went into this card. I also wonder why my father, I’m assuming, wrote on the outside “1940” but the inside is dated 1955. Maybe Poppa just kept reusing the same picture? Maybe that was the only available photo of the two of them together. Or if he was anything like my dad the photo just happened to be the one Poppa decided was the best out of any number of photos that look the same to everyone else. To say my dad had a discerning eye is an understatement.

For this New Year I had been considering reading a bit from Poppa’s diaries each day, and/or reading letters my mother’s father wrote to my grandmother when they were courting. The discovery of this card has ended the consideration and confirmed delving into the diaries and letters is the right thing to do.

More to come…..


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