Not sure what I was expecting delving into these journals of my grandfather; maybe to just get a better idea of who he was, or maybe a first person account of the times. I suppose reading about John Ruskin and his achievements sort of does that, but I have to wonder why he chose this particular book to write in as a high school student. I mean, what kind of student writes in a medical diary that is hawking Pepto-Mangnan with testimonials from doctors around the country?


The 1969 entry begins to provide more of a glimpse with an apparent visit and trip to Dallas and back with my great aunt Grace and uncle Smith, as well as Mimi getting a ‘Hair do”, and everyone having a “Fooo Feast’ whatever that is, maybe it’s just food without the ‘d’.?


Ohhh, the scan is much clearer it is a Food Feast, now I wonder how that is different from dinner; or maybe that’s just what he called eating at Velma’s because she prepares a lot of food.

Velma. There’s a name you don’t hear often.


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