Of Connections and Questions

I immediately connected to the Jan. 4, 1908 entry regarding the history of England which discussed the “Island of Great Britain”. The notes Poppa took in whatever class he was taking or interest he was pursuing I could easily use today when teaching about the Industrial Revolution. The reason Great Britain was able to industrialize first was because it was geographically lucky:


While I clearly understand the first half of the page, he loses me in the political development part. I also keep wondering was this really for school? Maybe it was college and not high school. And what is Pepto-Mangan (Gude)? And why is (Gude) always in parentheses? A quick Google of the mighty interweb only yields pictures of antique Pepto-Mangan (Gude) bottles. I can discern from this booklet and also snippets from the internet it was something for the blood. And just what is ‘blood poverty’?


It was interesting to see that Poppa’s friend that passed the day before was having a funeral the day after. These days it seems such ceremonies have at least a few days in between. I can picture Mimi giving him that good-haircut and close shave. Who was Happy King? I know I have a relative named King Coke; really. And what were the ailments he(?) and Aunt Mittie needed? Apparently Mittie had been ignoring her ailment for 27 years.

I wonder if he slept….


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