Catching Up

I decided to catch up the days so they would match from this point forward…hopefully.  Again, I’m not quite sure what class Poppa was taking notes in or maybe he was a little ADD, because it the notes had been talking about a famous British artist, then the geographical uniqueness of the island nation and then the entry for the 5th does this:


Labrador?! What the heck? While it is interesting and true that Labrador does have a similar climate to Great Britain, this seems to be a bit of a tangent. Perhaps the teacher was trying to help the students, in Texas, relate to the climate in England be giving an example of a similar climate in…NORTH AMERICA! Yeah, that would help kids in TX. understand. At least there’s some useful instructions for Plaster of Paris.

Days 6-7 get back to the history of the British Isles it seems with a discussion of the the regions good harbors and a description of the native inhabitants, who apparently deserve mention because they ‘ploughe’ (English spelling), hunted, and made arms of tin and stone.  Tin must of had a different meaning back in the day as I don’t think of tin as being a particularly fearsome weapon.  “Look out! He’s got tin!”


A Greek explorer visited the coast of England “in the time of Alex the great.” Fascinating.


In 1969, he didn’t sleep.  I wonder what kept him up. Reading this entry reminded me of the times my father would wake in the middle of the night and read. He too often did not return to bed.


I am also reminded of my dad’s sweetness when I read Poppa was anticipating the stirrings of Mimi in the morning. That anticipation was obviously comforting to him. Again I am a little shocked as to the temperatures he is recording.

January 6 he wakes for fake? ice cream. Sounds like my dad complaining when my mom put him on a diet, and they started eating sherbet or frozen yogurt; don’t recall which. (Side note: Later in life my mom only allowed my dad to have fried chicken on Father’s Day…though I found KFC boxes in his car.) I’m exited to read that this was the day they were going to see my cousin Matt for the first time! A connection to my generation! January 7 is curious; apparently my Uncle Lee sang at the opening of the state legislature for some reason…I’ll have to ask him.


Uncle Lee? Why were you singing at the opening of Oklahoma State Legislature on January 7 1969?

Another connection to my dad from the entry for the 8th; Poppa liked hot weather just like my dad…wait, was Tulsa really that much warmer than Arlington? This entry also alludes to the insomnia as he has a ‘terrible dream’.


Another question for Lee, “What was the SAR?”


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