A Little Behind & Somewhat Confused

The 1908 volume had blank pages for January 10 & 11 so I decided to skip blogging….until tonight, and I’m really confused now. Before elaborating on the confusion though, I should touch on January 10 & 11 for 1969:


Sounds as if Friday and Saturday were fairly uneventful. I find it interesting that he notes all of the family save his namesake and his wife were coming for Poppa’s 79th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary. I also feel a bit better skipping  a few days since his entry for the 11th states he actually wrote it on the 13th.

Ok, it seems that Poppa has switched from taking notes to writing poetry AND indicating different dates for when the poems were written:



Poem #1:


Methinks, o’er all the realms of space,
Creative hand ne’er meant to trace
A nobler form, or fairer face,
With lighter charm, or sweeter grace,

Than woman, who was sent to cheer
Man in his lonely, hapless fate,
With kindness and affections teor
And lead him to a higher state.

Her charming face and trusting heart
Wakes in his breast heroic flaws;
For her he toils by strength and art,
To earne his way to wealth and fame.

He tills the soil, he sails the fleet,
Subdues the earth, explores its wilds,
To lay his treasures at her feet,
For her approval love and smiles.

In every land where women stand
In loving beauty by man’s sides
His rudeness turns to manners bland, (?)
And truth and honor in his pride.

First at the cradle and the grave,
With swelling heart and anxious breath,
She ope’s the eyes of great and brave(?)
And shuts them in the glare of death.

Then lordly man,that scoffs at fear,
At your own breath, overhere ye roam,
Strive with true love to bless and cheer
This angel of our earthy home.

Um, what? And note that it’s dated Dec. 1st’08. Did he lose the journal for most of the year?

Poem #2:


The vestibule of hell is hate,
Where hungry devils lie in wait
For silly souls of low estate.

Let time roll on, we need not moan;
It easies not the way to groan;
Be up and cheerful, by and by.
Old time himself will have to die.

Again, what? Maybe the first one was in response to a crush and the second was in response to being dumped? The entries for the same days in 1969 look like this:


Interesting that his poem for the 15th in 1908 was about hell and both of these entries for 1908 are laced with religion. I’m sorry that he is still not sleeping but that and his comments regarding TV resemble very closely my dad. I’m kind of surprised to learn that TV was on until 1:00 a.m. back then; thought it went off at midnight.

His entries for January 14 & 15, 1969, look like this:


The 15th is a resonate entry for me as I feel I’m exploring my family history by reading/blogging about my grandfathers’ diaries. Additionally I think it’s cool that he was revisiting something he had worked on 52 years ago at the time, and I am revisiting something he worked on 107 years ago, and 46 years ago respectively.

I also deeply appreciate the fact he found and cleaned up and used the same typewriter.


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