The 1908 entries for January 16-19 continue with poetry. The first two are here:


January 16th speaks to his entries in 1969 as most of them seem to be relating to going to and being involved in church. The 17th waxes (is the right word?) about places he’d like to go, and people he’d like to meet; it does sound a little familiar…wonder if he’s paraphrasing. The entries for Jan. 18 and 19 are actually one poem:


This entry really speaks to me as my father passed last March. When sharing the news with an old friend she asked, “Did you say everything you wanted to say?” Though I wondered about that prior to his passing, in the moment I felt I had, or rather I had said everything I needed to say. To me worrying over things unsaid is wasted time. In the moment of my fathers passing I realized we say all we need to in the moments we’re supposed to. This reminds me of a quote from Thoreau I’ve been making a mantra, “I cannot make my days longer, so I strive to make them better.” Poppa’s entry is a reminder to be mindful of every moment and appreciate them for what they are.

The 16th and 17th of 1969 were rather uneventful as indicated by his recording events for the 17th on the 18th and leaving the 18th blank. The themes of sleeplessness and church remain:


I hear my dad in Poppa’s complaints about being able to find the Green Stamps store. On the 17th he mentions his father being noted in a local paper as having 5 sons who are doctor’s. I wonder if the article mentioned they all got their degrees from his medical school?

These are the notations for January 18 & 19, 1969:


As noted earlier the 18th is blank because he was filling in the 17th. I enjoy the way he speaks of my grandmother on the 19th, as again I hear my dad speaking about my mom. From family stories these sentiments did not come out. I never got the impression that my grandparents had a bad marriage, I just mostly heard that Poppa was a little nutty, and Mimi held things together by running the house, his office, and raising 5 boys; can I nominate her for sainthood? It is concerning to read he seems to wake every two hours, and what kind of a snack is milk and cheese? That does not sound good.

All caught up 🙂


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